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Monday, March 18, 2019

HRC, 911, Ellen, A Man Who Threatened Trump's Life, and Largest Organ Trafficking Company -- All Tied Together

Are there really as many coincidences as their appear to be?
Q says there are no coincidences, I think that is an exxageration.

Hillary - A 9/11 Victim - Ellen - A Man Who Threatened Trump's Life - Largest Ambulance Company in USA // They ALL are Tied Together HERE (QRV)
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Hold on to your hats Goats... this is some crazy shit !

Here is the video about the Perp >>
written version >>
Hillary Clinton gave the eulogy at the funeral for the mother of the recently arrested assassination suspect who threatened to kill Donald Trump at the inauguration and he sat 2 seats from Hillary at his mothers funeral. Crazy, huh?YouTube

The suspects mother was also a 9/11 victim and sat two seats from Muhammad Atta on Flight 11. That's another amazing coincidence!

Guess what, there is more.

First responders allegedly found the mother's wedding ring in the rubble, but 4 flight data recorders did not make it :(

( Note: The daughter was the victim of a hit and run assassination attempt in 2010 )

The daughter, Sonia Puopolo ( sister of the suspect ) created a charity and wrote a book about the miracle ring that was featured on 'Ellen' and made the author a nice little sum >>
In 2010, Let's Roll Forums completely blasted and debunked this Mother/Daughter/Ring story and exposed it for the LIE that it is. The Mother and Daughter SHARED THE SAME NAME ( can you say CIA cutout? ) and by the time you track down the Mothers 'true' identity, it looks FAKED. --- In fact, the IPTC data associated with the CNN tribute/obituary of the Mother PROVES that it was created 8 MONTHS before 9/11!!

Here are some photos of the Puopolo Family with the Clintons.

Lastly, the father of the suspect, Puopolo was the CEO of the largest ambulance company in the country, American Medical Response Inc 'organ trafficking' O_O . And what do you know? The company was based in Aurora, Colorado, home to the infamous mass killing at the Batman premier.

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