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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lets be Blunt, How Can We Get Away From This Totally Evil "Media"

Michelle MalkinVerified account @michellemalkin 11 hours ago
How are you transitioning to post- , post - , post- world? It's coming. Recommendations welcome. Here's what I'm test-driving so far: New browser: Search engine: Social:  

E-mail: File-share: ???
56 minutes ago
No, no, no...NOT Protonmail!!!


Do the DEMs actually have some game, or are they just talking a big story?

Keep in mind, Business Insider is totally a tool of the Globalists.    If they are pimping a story, its for a reason.

Facebook busted by internal whistle blower who describes how Facebook censors opinions that don't align with their leftist agenda.

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