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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Mass Shooting Meme

Actually Cousin It has a better chance than ALL of the Democommies in the Clown Car. He'd still lose but Cousin It would be the best they could offer especially if he took "Thing" for the running mate a real "Hand on Thing" for sure

Think about it, long hair no one really knows if Cousin It is male or female under all that hippie hair, but at least Cousin It is cool.

The rest of the Clown Car is going to be eating each other, Biden looks to be the first to fall to the Social Justice sword. He is to creepy and touchy feely with kids and women.

The debates are going to be great and I AM going to watch as they each try to out SJW each other with I'm younger, you're older, you're to white and I am female white and colored, then we have the race appropriator "Beto" O'Rourk who is whiter then I am.

President Trump is going to have a field day with whoever becomes the DemoCommie Sacrificial Lamb in the Presidential debates.


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