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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Mueller Report And Reactions Of Globalist Media

Epiphany --

The Mueller Report will be loaded with our "closest allies" Intelligence Agencies, requests for non release of some information.   Leading to many redacted portions, and even some whole sections.   It will also probably be "necessary" to not flat out "indict" British and Australian and probably NZ intelligence as complicit in the attempted overthrow of the USA.

Then this will be spun to Trump is covering "it" up.

I am in good company for Twitter Suspension


Did you get the release date 322?   Direct link to the Skull and Bones society.

Also noted, 322 was the date that Twitter, without any response to 3 prior documented requests for restoring my account from a "locked" status.   Instead of responding to my protest, Twitter then terminated my account.

Expect Censorship reaching to absurd levels, as they have lost control of the narrative.

Backup your important information, blogs, websites, and do NOT trust anything on the "cloud".


Some of the talking heads are reacting with shock/disbelief.

Others are acting as if "we knew this was going to be a big nothing burger"

Kind of expected.  

Sanders is reacting by sucking up to the Globalists

Curious how the liberal meltdown seems to be spreading.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has always been a tool of the Globalists, a method of creating race war.    Now it comes out, a two-fer

1) Ripping off client money
2) Sexual misconduct on mutliple levels and times.


  1. time for popcorn :)

    What will be most interesting is how Hillary will try and spin it. She seems to have delayed her "announcement" about running in 2020 until she has her team go thru it. She's too slow to do it herself and has to have everything pre-digested by Sid Blumenthal or a clone first.
    Podesta, I am sure, has his hands on it. Going thru it with a highlighter now.


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