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Thursday, March 21, 2019

NBC Breaking Story on HRC And Pedophilia Coverup

I appreciate the comments. Sadly, Google often throws me into a lurch in which I cannot comment on my own blog. Their search functions also suck. I wonder why this is? ------------------------------ Q is also putting out very specific information on high level sexual misconduct including Pedophilia, and maybe worse.   Worse?  

And NBC is talking about this?

Check your weapons and security systems, maintain your operational security, boost your supplies of 3 month necessities.    My spidey sense says that this long drawn out "declass" is about to hit the fan.

What would it take for people to change their view?   95% of people cannot change their view, if ever, but only when they reach a point of true disgust.  

What would it take to change the Glorified view of the Chosen Ones (HRC, Obama, Bill, and the Deep State and Establishment and Globalists, and the Hollywood "elite")

Exposing these leaders as sexual predators, pedophilliacs, occultists, and worse.   And why do they need that fetal tissue so badly?


  1. this is 2013 video ... maybe Q has newer news on DoJ doings. But DoJ is full of Hillary pals.

    NBC dropped the whole thing -

    "The day after an NBC news broadcast broke the news of a pedophile ring cover up within the State Department, “members of the Clinton team” contacted executives at NBC and threatened reporters working on the investigation with “the most serious kind of consequences“."

    1. We need video of the exact infractions.

      Some Normies will never believe this, even with good video, but some will


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