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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Obama Implicated In Supporting Race War, Illegally Protecting Smollett

autist here,
LOL in case you don't know what that means... Q is calling people autists....not in a bad way, they mean the mislabelled Asperger's Spectrum (which the insane Psychology experts lumped in with the pretty horrible Autism -- whilst denying that vaccines and mercury can cause or trigger it to higher levels, even while paying out hundreds of millions in damages)

Asperger's Spectrum people often have a super power, sometimes pattern recognition, sometimes being able to put together a broad theory from just a few widely separated facts that appear to have no connection.

I have some of these skills that manifest in all sorts of good ways, and don't feel that I am the quirky socially inept type, but maybe I am.   Very few people "understand" me or what I do.    I have direct bloodlines that have been officially diagnosed with AS (and I don't mean Adam Schiff, the jerk of Epic proportional)

BOTTOM LINE -- we covered Smollett heavily when the story and "acting" just stunk to high heaven.    Then he had double digit felonies against him.   With undisputed witnesses and facts, video.

Then leaks of "working on guarantees".


Why would this be?   I mean this is a super desperate move.

Because if the case went on, there would be "Discovery" and the prosecutors would get all the text, email, and phone meta-data.

This being Chicago, and we know where the globalists gave Obama his start, in super corrupt Chicago....AND where Hillary Clinton is from, and John Podesta.     There are plenty of pictures out there ob Obama and Smollett being all buddy buddy.

Discovery would implicate the top.   And it would implicate them in directing and participating in an intended race war.

And so this autist thinks that is the reason that double digit felonies were just "dropped".   Its time for heads to roll, some literally.     Attempting to start a race war, in order to destabilize America, is treason.

And submitted by missfrill, see comments at bottom

Rich landowner threatens guy fishing on public water, with " I am going to run you over with my big boat at 3000RPM".      Similar to the seditious acts against the USA, this guy needs to be prosecuted, who has the time?


  1. The Michael Avenatti story connects to Smollett as he was a client. Avenatti connects to NXIVM.
    My head is exploding.
    Lots strange details -

    1. Amazing the cast of criminals is so interconnected.


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