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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Quake Rocks Hawaii -- Same Setup As Last Year Mega Volcano Eruption

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First lets look at last nights quake near "Volcano" thats the actual name of the area, not the name of a specific volcano or magma chamber.

Then lets look at May5, 2018, which was the trigger to a series of events that led to the largest volcanic event in 200 years, in Hawaii.

The Trigger set off the "Triad" the next evening.   The trigger was exactly where last nights EQ was, except last nights was bigger.

This is the initiation Triad that set off the 2018 Mega-Flow

Note how the Big Hits happen at night, and these just hours apart.

When the suns protective magnetic field is far away, the Galactic Cosmic Rays Nucleate the Magma.   These are Magma driven Quakes

Below is the 2018 Event Triad

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