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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Social Media, Zuckerberg, Formed as a CIA Program, and Still Is

This film challenges us to pay attention. Its message: Many people are so deluded by social media’s novelty that their behavior matches clinical definitions of mental illness.

As you watch the film unfold, you’ll grasp the enormity of the threat posed by the technology. Experts inform the audience that the threat is beyond addiction. Addiction can be treated and overcome. Social media technology is operant conditioning, a much more permanent change in the psyche. Infants still in the crib are being raised within the technology’s 24/7 matrix.

Note that the producer does not mention physical health abnormalities associated with exposure to EMF radiation. The film also lacks a perspective on endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Dozens of credible studies show EDCs [and EMF] are altering genetic expression beyond the capacity of most individuals to adjust to their new realities.  

The issue deserves your attention; perhaps your analysis will prompt letters to the editor, or state legislators, or a sit-down with someone who matches the kids featured in the film.


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