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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another Benefit of Pro-Biotics, Control over one type of "Autism" ASD

And commentary on article

Yeah, I’ve seen that study and others like it recently. It is quite amazing how far and how fast the genetic and body/mind linkage to autism and related neurological “conditions” has come in just the last 12-18 months or so. Once high-level research institutions like the NIH (National Institute of Health) stepped in because of how badly the APA (American Psychological Association) fucked up their autism classifications the scientific progress has been tremendous.

The study below is only marginally related to most of the recent work that is beginning to really understand how the human brain works. It isn’t that autism really matters to many people because it doesn’t and it is not the kind of “health problem” that impacts any nation near as much as blood pressure, cancer, or just being a fat and angry nation (FAN). But, they are learning so much about how different brain types works and how this plays into behavioral traits and how to a certain degree that epigenetic factors (environmental influences and “soft” factors of causation) dictate outcomes. The brain-gut link is pretty well known because of how many neurons we have in our stomachs. What they are saying in this paper is that if you can make the stomach healthier and better balanced it literally changes other symptoms. Same for anxiety issues – studies find that blood pressure lowering meds actually feed back into the body-mind relationship and help reduce mental pain for many people.

It is clear already that there will be no real definition for “high functioning” autism coming in future years because it is so wide-spread in the population. One recent study finds that key “autism-related” DNA duplication errors seem to have something to do with how our prefrontal cortex got big in the first place. They will find that autism traits are human traits. No cure for that….

Just picked up one of the weighted blankets (pretty heavy at twelve pounds) that I’ve read about for a while – the pressure is supposed to help with sleep. Last night was the first I got to try it and I’ll say that it worked. It is hard to toss and turn when you are pinned down! Woke up rested for first time in months maybe. In my effigy mound manifesto I introduce a new term that I call “Embodied cognitive functionalism”; some recent anthropological work draws the conclusion that our mind and the way we think is highly correlated with what we think. This helps us travel into the past and figure out with some certainty what people were thinking and feeling at a certain location (a high bluff mound site for instance) at some point in history. Lots of neat things happening on the cognitive front

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