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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Earth Catastrophe Cycle -- Are We Due?

stock here: One of the most telling video clips I have watched this year, was video from an early space walk, with sound.   The astronauts were looking for "evidence", they were looking for glassified rocks.

We have know A LOT of things since the 50's and 60's.

We knew how harmful radiation was to life and in particular sea life, with its reliance on "Chitin" a biological structure that absorbs radiation like a sponge.    And they suspected that occasionally the Sun went off in a "mini-nova" frying the nearby planets and moons.

?12,000 cleansing cycle??

Did the Mayan's know this, or were told this?   The "end of days" per some interpretations of the Mayans was 12-21-2012 (Looks very binary to me). 

This date was also set as the "Age of Aquarius", subsequent to the Age of Pisces.

And my muse.....12,000 is pretty close to half of our 25,800 year "Wobble", which is not really a Wobble, which sounds so dramatic and bumby, when in fact it is a smooth precession.

Search keywords on this blog, I have covered almost all this stuff in the past.

per Lot's Wife

Contrary to consensus science [climate change orthodoxy], it’s not CO2; it’s not us; it’s the Sun. Scientific illiteracy, authority bias, and complacency keep our noses in the mud rather than the stars. If we had the freedom to review the full picture, it’s obvious the Sun drives our planet’s climate.

As shocking as it may seem, climate science has been hijacked by the CIA. President Eisenhower warned in 1961 that technocrats had the motive and means to take over public policy. Kennedy’s murder two years later opened the gates of power to those Ike feared.

The impact event mentioned in the first few moments of this interview deserves a new look. It’s tied to the cyclic nature of the Sun and not a passing asteroid. 

According to the best data, the Sun turns inside out, sheds its skin, and in the process, everything on Earth is wiped clean and turned to mostly dust and bones. The story is supported by the geologic and cultural records, as well as Pleistocene boneyards. 

Data shows the event repeats on a cycle of every 12,000 years. Those who keep the calendar say the timing is close at hand. Analyze the data - it is compelling - then apply due diligence.

Suspicious Observers is among the best astrophysics translators on the ’net. 

Access to all data requires membership. It is minimal. Review the site and its resources, particularly the Catastrophe Cycle series. 

If you want to go deeper, explore:

stock here -- the Diehold peeps seems to think that it will be possible to predict which side of the earth will be facing the Sun when it next "mini-novas".     This assumes the the mini-nova it a very quick event, that would last less than half a day. 

I take issue with that
A cataclysmic variable which has only been seen to erupt once is known as a classical nova. During outburst, the brightness of these novae can increase by 6 to 19 magnitudes before fading back to the original level. The outbursts themselves can last anywhere from several days to years, but in general, the brighter the nova, the shorter its duration.
We should be able to get relevant data from nearby Stars, but maybe we have to get lucky on the timing.

Diehold Foundation

Serious straight-up science conducted by independent researchers.

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