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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Epiphany -- Assange Arrest a Stunt to Protect the Deep State's Owned "Journalists"

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The timing is amazing.

Trump talks Treason, yesterday.

Today, Assange is arrested.   But the planning process has been going on for some time, in fact this is a Deep State operation (definitely not a Trump driven action), including the $4.2B that the IMF gave to Ecuador last month

Deep State Operation

WATCH how the Ashkenazim owned media tries to spin this event.   

ACLU jumps on the bandwagon....."to protect journalistic freedom"

The Deep State is losing control of the narrative. They are very afraid of losing their expensive tool called the "media". I can definitely see some of the worst offenders in media being brought up on charges of treason or sedition.

 And this muslim asshat in the UK seems to be in charge of the asylum breaking UK police.

 I first became aware of this Muslim in charge of UK National Security last week, after Kristin Nielson met with him before her outster.
Speaking of the Globalist British Intelligence, heavily involved in the fake Dossier, Kristin Nielsen visited Britain last week and met with their Muslim "Home Secretary". Was this trip a contributor to her demise? And why does Britain have a Muslim Asian as head of their "homeland security"?
Q says Assange is bad, because he weakened the NSA. I can't quite wrap my head around that one.

Except for this epiphany I had last year "We have to use the machine to beat the machine" And part of the machine is the NSA.

Wonder why Trump hasn't reigned in the "illegal" capabilities of the NSA et al? Because he needs every tool in the tool box. In order to dismantle, and convince the brainwashed sheep, that the jailing of thousands of serious traitors to this country is correct....the evidence needs to be clear.

More than just "discovery". And the NSA can provide that.

What say you? stock out.

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