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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Clinton Attacks Trump So That Upcoming Indictment Looks Like "Revenge"

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Epiphany yesterday.    Hillary Clinton's play that "Anyone other than Trump would be indicted", presented with no facts, no specifics, was amazing.

Like Brennan, and Comey, I am amazed that these critters don't just slink back to their millions and enjoy a quiet rest of their lives.    But they continue to prod the Bear.    This is odd, and I don't have a real theory for it.

Maybe it is like Hillary's attack on Trump.    Maybe they want to set up a "card" which plays like this.....because we have be "so hard on Trump" (Smollett fame) that is why we have been indicated, as revenge from Trump personally.

This is an interesting thread on Guiliani, did he really Tweet about Pizzagate being true, and 911
being what you think it is?


  1. maybe a typo in the headline .... should it read "Clinton AttackS Trump"?


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