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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Killing 2 Birds With one Stone -- Degradation of American Morals and Normalization of Pedophilia

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I wasn't the only one feeling a bit creeped out about the huge news coverage of the GOT (Game of
Thrones) sex scene.    The actors look kind of like pre-high school, so that some viewers went immediately to the web to check the actors ages, which were in their 20's, to make sure they weren't watching some child porn.    Never watched GOT, and likely never will.

Was looking at my TV (not watching it, looking at it) and wondering whether it was worth having to pay for any TV "Service".

So part of the game of the Globalists is to
1) Degrade morals (then give the people what they want, while they take advantage in a dozen different ways)
2) Normalize pedophilia

Reading the email below, in what ways could you interpret this discussion?

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