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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Radiation in USA Food, FDA "Guidance"

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As usual, they make it as complicated as possible to understand what levels of radiation in food are allowed.  They confound it with multiple age brackets, and kg eaten per year of particular classes of food.

And plenty of weasel words.     They offer guidance, which is not a "shall", but supposedly information that some other department could use to allow or disallow contaminated food. 

Their main page is listed as modified on 2004.   But this is also suspect as Weasel Words.    Is it just the header page that this date applies too, and the underlying information has not changed or maybe has changed since then.

Here is the main data page at FDA for this below tables

Which is one click off this more central page

There was talk, post Fukushima, of greatly increasing the "allowable" radiation in food in USA products, and imports to the USA.  

Especially in regards to Clintons deal with Japan to buy their radioactive food without testing.   That STORY IS HERE.

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