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Friday, April 12, 2019

Real NSA Twitter Account Just Tweeted the Q Card. Lock and Load

 They took the guns from Australia, then Australia went to hell in a hand basket, quickly.

Julian Assange is no journalist: don't confuse his arrest with press freedom

 Shameful, Wikileaks has a 100% untarnished reputation that what they have published is 100% correct.     CNN can't get through 15 minutes without an over the top lie or fabrication. 

Swedes are such hypocrtics, lost all respect for them.  

They believe in helping "poor immmigrants" in theory, but not in practice.   I am sure their self views of social justice may then feel good, until REALITY.


  1. NSA tweet archived here (in case they take it down)

    1. How do you find those resources!!!!

      Good work!


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