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Monday, April 29, 2019

Rosenstein Is Out (After Some Deal) and CNN "Attacks" Trump Quotes at Rally, But Agrees With Most of It!


RR quotes the Chief Prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trial In His Resignation Letter

RR quoted Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson in his resignation letter stating government lawyers, "must at times risk ourselves and our records to defend our legal processes from discredit, and to maintain a dispassionate, disinterested, and impartial enforcement of the law." Robert Jackson is most known for being the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials.

RR additionally thanked Trump in his letter for his humor and condemned the fake news by stating, " a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle".

stock here.     I knew that they got and gave some kind of deal to Rosenstein.  He was so all butt cheeked popping up when he go to announce the "indictment" of 12 Russians in Russia, the purpose was not at all practical, and of course these Russians will never show in America.   This is a little boy who got invited to the big leagues.

But that was the Rosenstein shown in the Body Language Ghost video at the bottom.

The video below also details the latest Triad presentation of the Pres and the Justice folks.   From this, it is beyond clear that Rosenstein has made a deal.   Probably he will help throw the criminals under the bus, in exchange for no prosecution of himself.   Seems obvious now, especially with the letter of resignation.

Robert H. Jackson
When Wikipedia even had good things to say about him, he must be something else.

Jackson developed a reputation as one of the best writers on the Supreme Court and one of the most committed to enforcing due process as protection from overreaching federal agencies.

Here is CNN agreeing with much of what Trump said, while trying to pot shot some of it.

I can't find the earlier video with RR announcing the indictment of some Russian bloggers that would never respond to any USA "Indictment" As RR was thrilled to present it.

Will present if I can find, butt is is very tellling

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