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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Sorry, I Caused the Russia Collusion "Scandal" -- Glad it Was Not Nuclear War

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I found it.    I had to go through the entire printouts of everything I printed from my Fukushima research.    An entire level of one deep file cabinet, not really organized at this point.    Been meaning to do this for over a year, but it took over an hour, and with no guarantee.   I am not joking....after looking at over 500 documents, it was the last one in the file.    The "universe" has quite the sense of humor.   

You want a copy of that fax?  Email me at

I also sent it via their campaign website and their Facebook.

I found it.    The fax and fax confirmation that I sent to Trump On 7-26-2016.   It detailed the missing emails from Hillary Clinton RE Fukushima when she was secretary of state.   I knew that Trump had his people screen the faxes and let him read the best while flying on his plane to the next speaking engagement.

The NEXT DAY, 7-27-2016 Trump was on TV saying "by the way Russia, if you are listening, it would great if you can find those missing 30,000 emails"

"It's a total deflection with Russia...they probably have their 33.000 emails, there would be some beauties there...."

"It's probably China"

NOTE THE DATES 7-26-2016 and 7-27-2016


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