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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

25 Ways to Heal Damage, Regain Your Mojo, Repair Instincts

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25 Ways to Heal Our Lost Soul and Injured Instincts

By Ally · 12 May 2019

25+ Things We Can Do to Regain Our Lost Souls and Heal Our Injured Instincts
• Start now! There's no better time than the present… time's a wasting.
• Put the oxygen mask on yourself first! We are taught this when we take a flight but it's just as important to take care of our own needs first, especially when we are a caregiver of others. No one knows better than we do what we need or require in any given moment, and if we don't take care of ourselves first we are less capable to help those around us.
• Pay close attention to that which heals. A) through listening, looking, and sensing the world around ourselves B) then acting as we see others act, efficiently, effectively, and soulfully.
• Find healthy strong role models. Observing others who have instincts well intact, strong boundaries, not putting up with crap is central to our soul retrieval and claiming back our wholeness.
• Repeat steps, over time and with determination and intention it eventually leads to integration, by relearning what is truly natural, 'it' becomes automatic again.
• Understand and own that your truest essence refuses to lay down and wallow, it refuses to normalize the absurd, the insane, it helps us do what we have to do, allow this to surface, then hold this in your awareness.
• Find your tribe! Surround yourself with truly supportive people, let go of or limit into your space those who refuse to deal with their schtuff, all that which steals, sneaks or zaps our energy. Am not talking about 'blocking' someone on Facebook, I am suggesting turning our attention elsewhere, if you need to unfriend or unfollow then do it!
• Discern what kind of information, energy (and it's all energy) is coming into your space, does it serve to life you up or tear you down. Does it challenge you to be a better version of you? Good! Watch out for the traps that lead you back down those old trails and into new wounds or ones that reopen the old ones.
• Question motives of others, learn discernment, those hidden costs to your mind, your soul, and instinctive creative nature AND in yourself, and from social programming (tv, social media, the written word, spoken or sung.)
• Memorize the traps, learn how they are made and how they are laid. What gets you caught up, identify and learn to avoid the red flags in your life. Always choose your God-given birthright: freedom!
• Follow your gut hunches, little feelings that nudge you to new life. Does it excite you and lift your spirit?
• Balance your life: socially, work, diet, sleep patterns, play, self-care. Get off the electronics more and diconnect your phone service while you sleep.
• Drink plenty of water! Too many drink way too much highly produced sweet drinks, or coffee or alcohol - let's get real! (…Coffee is real… right?!) ?

• Rest. Take a nap when you need to. One of the best tips I embraced as a new mother was to sleep when the baby sleeps. Trouble sleeping? Change things up, exercise, stick to a routine, get to bed earlier, take easily absorbed forms of magnesium, use calming essential oils, know your awake triggers, suss out your own tricks and cures. If you need medical treatment, get it.

• Ground, or more precisely: Earth yourself. Actually get your feet into the soil, the river, the ocean. Get your fingers into the dirt and garden. Grow and water something, a house plant, start an herb garden on your patio.

• Nourish your body and soul. Eat better, more nutritious foods, cut out the processed zero nutrient, quick and easy packaged foods = it's all crap.

• Seek counselling for past traumas, it's never too late to get help. Find a therapist that you resonate with, don't be afraid to interview or fire them. Take care of yourself first, change one for another if that person you have hired is not meeting your needs. Think of them as Your Employee but don't treat them as such, they too are human.

• If tears need to fall, let them. I used to think I'd never stop crying. I used to cry until I made myself sick. I used to hold in my tears, this also made me sick, congested, angry, depressed. Now I cry when I need to, having gotten to this point I no longer HAVE to or fear doing so.

• If you love to write, journal. If you love to sing, sing. Dance, run, make music, do what is fun for you that causes no harm.

• Fill your spirit with beauty, the divine, the creative juicy stuff and makes you smile and your heart sing. Seriously, smell those flowers! Get up and watch a sunrise, if you are night person, watch the sunset, not just be there but actually sit in silence and watch the sun go down, or up as it were. Use all your senses, breathe it all in. Listen to nature, walk outside and listen for the birds. Put on your favourite uplifting music, if you don't have any in your playlist find some new songs!

• Give thanks, share it, seek it out, breathe it in. It's actually quite simple but for some can be so non-existent in their life. If you are having trouble set a goal, at the end of the day think of five things to be thankful for when it becomes a habit you'll just notice things automatically, if that is too hard start with three.

• Stop comparing yourself with others, acceptance of where you are and who you are go a long way.

• Appreciate the little things, tell someone close to you how much you appreciate them. Give compliments to strangers. Accept compliments given to you, if you have trouble with this just say thank you! Smile with your heart and eyes for no reason.

• Forgive yourself, for those wrong actions, wrong words, circumstances beyond your control that you think 'only if'... It's not helping you. When they arise just tell them to BE GONE!
• Go 'Home', it's not always where you think it is. Re-orient yourself, do those things that are freeing. As a single mother one of my most favourite ones was taking a bath to take time to disconnect and go within. And just like sailors needed to, identify and know where your metaphorical North Star and Southern Cross are when navigating the vast seas of your soul and life. Each of us need to include things we do every day that fix us back into the centre of our beingness, take you back to who you truly are, that place where you can find yourself again, safe, comfortable and at peace. Reclaim this, your sovereignty, your most beautiful essence and thrive.
Repeat, Review, Remember, Return to Joy! ???

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