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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Any Type of Spirituality Under Attack -- Yoga Practiioners Targeted - War on Yoga

stock here After doing a big story on the Aussie Yoga Teacher murdered by the Muslim police, then Notice how Google is covering up the huge $20M payoff.
comes another story about a pretty Yoga lady, gone missing in Maui. 

I have hundreds of screen caps with file names containing CENSOR.    I will lump them all into an article.

By observing the things that the "Gatekeepers" let through, and to see what they conceal, and to see what they actively promote.....shows their hands.

Maui Yoga Instructor missing after going hiking 4 days ago.

Let's keep an eye on this at least. Methinks an overall attack on any type of spirituality would be part of an NWO plot.
It could be correlation too...maybe they look like soft snowflakes, easy targets.

Schools are banning Yoga....but of course!

Public School Review questions whether Yoga is "Religious Indoctrination", WOW
This is a good site to keep on your radar though....this will be a forecast of the intended indoctrination and moral degradation that is part of the plan. 

Another one on WaPo, they had a very relevant article on violence assistant  Yogi's.....WaPo pretends

that I am blocking ads in Firefox, but I have painstakingly and annoying hard to execute, set them up as an exception for popup ad.....but they still want more.   They want full tracking of all my activity.

Screw Bezos, bi-faciated effer, and his WaPo.  
Here is a ZH very negative story on Bezos...he wants a trillion humans in cans in space.....

Here is that story on another site. 

This one is spun as a misogynistic role rather than an anti-spiritual thing.   2018 CNN.

And here is one criticising Yoga, because a blong hair blue eyed American female co-opted the word Namaste, into a pun to support the "Muslin ban".     And her "attacker" was upset at her lack of Multi-culturalism hurting his "brown friends".

Texas 2018

Where oh where is Assange?    2017 he is talking about how AI is becoming a replacement religion for those lured away from spirituality.


  1. other topic -
    Traces of nuclear bomb tests have reached the deepest part of the ocean as scientists find evidence of the explosions in animals living in the Mariana Trench

    1. Wow, the radiation spreads out deep quick....falling krill and such, as they die. Proven by the much lesser amounts of CS134 compared to the CS137 as would be expected by half lives...The CS134 releases radiation shots 15 times more quickly than CS137....killing it's host quicker and taking the whole kit and kaboodle to Davy Jones locker.

      And they sink fast, did an article on just that.

    2. Refreshed an article


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