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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Autist -- Let's Be Real On Arrest Of Obama, Clinton, Strzok

End Game: Not now a mass of arrests of high criminals.

The traitors that be have been systematically depowered, so far.

The Mueller the Mule (He carried uranium to Russia as part of Uranium 1 "Sale") report is out and a beyond amazing admission of "we never had nothing".

What would exactly happen if a mass arrest of current and former high government officials start, say overnight?  I mean a bunch of big ones.
I would say that the super rich, funding the intent for unrest....would play that card.    Pushing to a real civil war through a series of false flags (2 per day).   And media madness.

But they would have to do more than incite their CNN crowd, it would have to mobilize to the point of action, maybe 3% of the CO-Liberal colony.    Why "colony"?  I have used co-opted in the past.

Well, we need to have a meme way of making this thought go viral.

Colony and tribal sound similar in my mind.

False flags to the point of distraction, inaction.    Local "Obama Judges" outlawing guns and forcing Sheriffs to confiscate.....that type of thing.   

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