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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Current Democractic Strategy Looks Like This---!

Oh well, gotta go But since "dictatorwannabe" is too much of a coward to ask for the reasons why I said that the real dictator wannabes are on the left,

I will post them anyway

  1. Get rid of the electoral college 
  2.  Pack the Supreme Court 
  3. Have 16 year olds vote .
  4. Disarm the populace 
  5. Control the news media 
  6. Supporting, and even encouraging illegal aliens to enter our country 
  7. Wanting to give felons the right to vote... even from jail 

Ponder those things for a bit and see what the result of those things would be.

One could even leave out, for the sake of argument the "disarm the populace" Y'all have a great rest of your evening Ciao Tony

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