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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Dems Desperate To Get Full Unredacted Mueller Report -- Why? So They Can Assess Personal Risk?

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Had one thought, that maybe the reason that some Dems are pushing so hard for the un-redacted Mueller report is:

1) To make Trump look bad
2) To make Barr look bad
3) To see the extent of their personal liability that may be contained in the report.

I laugh at how many prior "contempts" of court were carried out by the left.    What separates taking the 5th from contempt?

I don't think that Mueller would have put much in the report that would have let his people get into serious trouble.    Not unless he was blackmailing them to stay in order.  
Assuring them that the report related to their actions would be redacted.

If that was the case, the ones who had been given their "marching orders" would of course, want no more of the report released.

I heard that 2 people had full access to the full report, besides of course Mueller and his editors.

Anyone have information on that?

I think many of these people are stupid.  

The primary purpose of the "RUSSIA" insurance plan (and Hoax) was to pretend that "we had to spy on Trump and his people, because we suspected the Russians had him", as a way to justify the serious, illegal, even treasonous spying that did take place in an effort to throw the US Election to HRC, who would continue the Globalist handover of the USA. 

It was also a way to possibly get Trump to do something impulsive, and create more opening for attacks to limit his ability to get stuff done, and maybe even open up an impeachable obstruction claim.   


  1. Russia was never the threat; Israel is, the parasite.

  2. Keep an eye on the Crypto-jews in China and Korea too!


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