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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

EMF is Not Safe -- Frank Clegg of Microsoft Explains And Additional Resources

stock here-- this submitted by Lot's Wife.

USA way behind other developed countries in EMF protection
Kids are getting a lot more disease than before, lots of reasons, EMF is one. 


This is a fascinating dive into US jurisprudence. Cal Washington discovered the inner working of the court system during a divorce. Set aside normalcy bias; details will amaze you. It's all about commerce and indemnification (bonding). Notice of liability has been used by people on this list. Perhaps they can share their results.

A series of videos, many from conferences on EMF, by experts in the field.

A library resource of all things EMF. 


  1. Cell phone SAR. Bad. Bad. Bad. People play the risk benefit card accepting the higher risk of EMF than minute levels of ionizing radiation.

    1. EMF and Magnetic fields just recently going mainstream....expect a pushback from the industries.


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