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Sunday, May 19, 2019

F-16 Crash Appears to be Some Test of Ability to Spread Propaganda

Fighter Jet F-16 Crashes into building.   Bullshit, it's Propaganda of a sort I haven't Autists out yet.

The F-16 "Crash" is suspect.
  1. The dash cam just shows 2 frames and the plane totally sideways, there was plenty of clear room to show many more frames to add credulity. 
  2. The drone flyover the hole shows no plane or even damage in the floor mounted equipment. 
  3. The "plane" ends up just feet from the hole (in the ground level picture, which shows just a tail and no other part viewable) even though travelling at 100+MPH.    
  4. There was no fire because it was reported that the sprinkler system went off to mitigate any fire.....but there is NO WATER on the floor in other very clear pictures. 
This shit is about as believable as Sandy Hook

It was an excuse, at least, to close the highway.  There was absolutely no other need to close the highway if the story was "true".  

A supposed worker at the Warehouse took a short video and shared on Facebook.

On April 7th he posted a video of an off road vehicle with title
" Nothing like a perfect evening out in the yxz
Looking for downed planes and scouting single track..."

So he was looking for a downed plane, and then 5 weeks later a plane crashes into his warehouse.

Apparently his video was deleted several times, but others had also shared it.

I downloaded using a video download tool that I have.    Its an MP4 file, and I am posting it here via "Box" so you can download it also and analyze.

No sign of any plane, damage, fire.

Part 2

from this guys Facebook page

No photo description available.

Address 22220, or building number

No photo description available.Image may contain: 1 person, sky, cloud and outdoor

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