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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Gray Whales, Unusual Mortality Event, Pacific -- Of Course, Blamed On Climate Change Without Even a Pretense of Proof

Original Whale Death story submitted by Lot's Wife.

Gray whales are mostly bottom filter feeders.    This makes them very unique.   They also eat krill and plankton and such near the surface.  

We know for sure that Fukushima decimated the krill population, as Krill use chitin structure in their shell also know as an exoskeleton.

These Krill then falls towards the bottom at 600M per hour, and deposit on the bottom.    Bottom
dwelling critter then comsume the radiative dead krill. 

Then the Grays come along and eat the radiated Amphipods.

I have liong intended on doing a study of "bio-mass" availaiblity at different parts of the Pacific ocean, carying over time.

This seems critically important.    Net availability of this information, is very hard to come by.  

It mostly seems, reported at least, that these whales are starving.

Amphiphods also utilize the radiation absorbing chitin in their bodies.

Isn't it horrific when the real issues are covered up, and real problems are "juiced" to promote the horrific political agenda of excessively large government (socialism, marxism).

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