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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Here is the Mueller Report -- And Summary After A Full Read

An elegant comment at ZH

I read every word and every footnote. What I saw was a prosecutor obsessed with a small number of incidents which ALL involved third parties tied to the Clinton campaign and the DNC trying to entrap minor Trump functionaries into accepting supposed Russian assistance in the election — and getting absolutely nowhere.

What is notably absent from the Report is ANY examination of
  1. Fusion GPS, 
  2. Christopher Steele, 
  3. Joseph Mifsud, 
  4. Stefan Halper or 
  5. his “assistant”. 

Every one of these people and entities have direct ties to the US intelligence community and/or the Clinton/DNC nexus. In reading the mission charge of the Special Counsel, Mueller was instructed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election and any coordination with the Trump campaign.

The first part of that charge would encompass ALL and ANY contacts with Russians with the goal of influencing the election through dirt or scandal involving any candidate or campaign, not only Trump.

This would include ALL of the Fusion GPS efforts, and the work of Mifsud and Halper. Clearly, Mueller stayed well clear of these issues apart from minor lip service, because that would openly and unquestionably demonstrate a “sting” operation involving the FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNC, DOS, DNI, HRC, and BHO His own self.

Maybe a sentient person with some ability to discern patterns would question why Inspector Clouseau Mueller would have made such glaring errors of omission.

If an operative hired and paid by one political campaign gathered and disseminated intelligence from Russian intelligence sources, THAT certainly merited a full investigation, and unmasking.

Clearly NO such effort was made. This would mean, one may conclude, that it is OK for any US campaign to conspire with foreign intelligence agencies to smear their opposition, so long as they launder their payments through a law firm.

Also, it is OK for the top officials at the top LE agencies in the US to conspire WITH them. So, if Trump wants to task the FBI to set up entrapment operations against Biden and Sanders and any other Democratic candidates, they can work with the RNC to do so, with full access to the NSA database, making thousands of illegal queries without warrants, unmasking the results and providing them to shady opposition research “contractors.”

Is that what we have come to in the USA? According to Mr. Mueller, it is more interesting that Trump got pissed off and wanted to lash out at his Supra-legal persecutors than that the entire LE and IC of the USA was corrupted by HRC and BHO.

God, I hope Barr and Dunham aren’t just engaging in Kabuki theater, and they uncover and PUT AN END to the abuse of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies for political advantage, for once and for all.

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