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Saturday, May 11, 2019

It's Almost Showtime -- Good Time to Review Weapons and Other Preparedness

stock here -- I wrote up a preparedness manual after Fukushima, which was very popular, it was in the form of a checklist.    I used it to create my own preps, and it took a few weeks, while dealing with life and work at the same time.

here is my original version, targeted at a radiological emergency

Is your family prepared for a lengthy period of martial law or civil war without power or water?
During such times, the difference between a helpless family and one that thrives can be a matter of $100 worth of supplies, a bit more if you don't already own a gun.
These are just some of the bare basics that will dramatically increase your family's ability to survive.
Note that Voat has a dedicated preparedness community: /v/preppers

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