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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Largest EQ since 1940, 8.0 Hits Peru, Far Inland

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My non-Quantitiative Review of recent EQ indicates that we are having much more EQ across the

Globe in the 5 and 6 and up range.  

I will try to do a Quantitative Analysis when time allows.

But of note:    One of the largest ever EQ has hit Peru, and fairly deep

Interesting to note, there are many large EQ around 600kM deep, but a dearth of large EQ between 200kM and 600kM, indicating a very stable zone.


  1. Peru " quake is the 56th major quake of 2019 "

    Pacific Ring Of Fire is ramping itself up with the biggest quake of the year and volcanic activity from New Zealand Philippines and Indonesia

    1. Riddle me this, what is causing this uptick in quakes....Sun continues very quiet

      Also note the Congo quake of today....these centroid of the fault circle, along with the odd EQ off Madagascar of last year, portend bigger things to come.

    2. I wish Walton would define what he considers a "major quake"


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