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Monday, May 13, 2019

Meditation -- A Gift -- It's Free, Easy, And Guaranteed Improves Your Mental and Physical Health

Mantra Stone
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I try to so some stretching and meditating every day.    It helps make the day, a good day.    On the
busiests of days, when you need the stretching and meditating the most, there is no time... or you just get pulled into the day and forget about it.

The meditating process is easy.   You aren't going to go on some wild trip like an astral projection, LOL.   Nothing of the sort.  In it's simplest form, you simply get confortable, usually sitting somewhere, and close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.   


Why not take a simple, easy, cheap method to improve your physical and mental health.    And a bit on the spiritual side, get more connected to reality.

2 to 3 minutes makes a big difference for me, some people get into it for 20 minutes twice a day.     There is plenty of benefit in just a few minutes, I think doing 40 minutes a day would be sacrificing more of your day than is necessary.  

Transcendental Mediation, is a story all on it's own.   It basically comes down silently repeating a Mantra which is a special symbol and usually accompanied by a physical manifestation of the Mantra, sometimes like the stone above.    15 to 20 minutes twice a day.   

Key Points
  1. It feels good
  2. It has proven benefits
  3. You need a Mantra
  4. Mantras aren't magic
  5. It's about not doing
  6. You don't have to change your beliefs or lifestyle (15 days drying out period, weed and stronger)
  7. It's Portable
  8. It's quick (uh, you may disagree on this one)
  9. It's pricey.   Maharishi was quite the character, developing his goal of spiritually enriching the world, into "give me $1M and you will get guaranteed enlightenment.   But normal people the fee to learn the authentic TM was $2,500.    Now it is like $1000
  10. It's not the only "game in town"
  11. It's Normal and the bottom, weird at the top
  12. If you stay with it, there are bonuses (enlightenment, etc)

One example of "Centering Meditation"

Exercise: The Centering Meditation

Step 1
Find a relaxing place to practice the centering meditation.
Make your body comfortable in a position you can stay in for a little while, and close your eyes.
Step 2
Let your body relax.
Relax your shoulders.
Relax your chest.
Relax your stomach.
Relax your forehead.
Step 3
Become aware of your breath. Notice if it’s shallow or tense, and begin to even it out by letting the breath become deeper, fuller as you relax into the meditation.
Take several deep breaths through the nose, until the body and mind begin to feel calm. Soon you’ll feel the physical sensation of being centered and an inner balance.
Keep your attention steady. Allow your awareness to become still like a candle flame, gently flickering and constant.
Become more and more still.

Step 4
As thoughts come into your mind, let them pass like clouds in the sky.
Don’t become involved with any single thought: just allow it to go by.
Anytime you find your mind wandering or you become lost in thought, return to your breath again until you feel your mind and body come into balance once more.Feel the stillness at the center of your being.
Sense the vastness of all that is.
Stay here for a while.
Even a moment will make a difference.
This is the heart of your centering meditation.
This is where you can bring your worries and fears, problems and plans, or just bring yourself without any agenda at all.
Step 5
After a while, you’ll feel a natural sense of completion.
When you do, let your breath become more conscious again. Let it get deeper and fuller.
Let your awareness move into the heart and spread throughout your body as you gently transition out of your centering meditation, opening your eyes when you’re ready.
Step 6
Now take this awareness into your day.
Today is a new day and anything can be.
Bring the gifts of your relaxing meditation into your daily life.
Let everyone and everything be touched by your refreshed perspective.
Look at everything with new eyes.
See your partner, your children, your job, your life, as brand new.

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