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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Mueller Hides Key Evidence -- "They" Have Crafted The Legality of this Illegality Since 1991

"They" have been working for decades to subvert the will of the people, even the will of the overall government.

It comes down to witholding of evidence.   If the evidence is available, but it doesnt fit their narrative, they can just disappear the evidence.

I get it now.   stock out, read on

Mueller cited a 1992 case he pushed along with an eventual FISA presiding judge and an SES DoJ paymaster allowing prosecutors to withhold exculpatory evidence from grand juries

here are some key cast of characters
please research them more


Michael Dreeben (prosecutor of Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing, on the Mueller special
counsel), worked with Bruce Ohr for payments to the 5th column.

Judge Bryson (Federal Circuit Judge, on FISA, pushed in 1991 for a rewriting of the Grand Jury laws),

Ken Star

Robert Mueller


"I have lied, but I am not a liar"

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