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Thursday, May 9, 2019

NWO Using Children to Promote Their Agendas, Greta Thenberg Droning On About "Change"

stock here.   Everytime I see this girl, I am aghast at how damaged she seems to be.   What have they done to her?

NSFW Anon This org is behind the "Climate Change" hoax and wants to cause "WWII-scale Climate Mobilization" to change society (QRV)
submitted ago by 3209411?
This is the site of "The Climate Mobilization": (
It seems that this is the main organization that is behind the climate hoax. The swedish child "Greta Thunberg", obviously sufferingJPG from FAS, exploited as an activist (coming from a swamp family that is worth another dig), says:

"Our House is on Fire"
"I want you to panic"

as if "The Climate Mobilization" wrote her speeches.

Their agenda is the same as Greta Thunberg's, word by word. The "New Green Deal" sounded similar too. The organization is connected to OSF (Soros), and a lot more. They sound very aggressive, setting benchmarks for "saving the earth". They want to cause panic to enforce their agenda.

Prior to our founding in 2014, there was no climate group organizing around the need for WWII-scale emergency speed transition to a zero emissions just economy. As a result of our work, we helped establish an active “Climate Emergency Movement” wing of the broader climate movement. By raising the profile of the Climate Emergency and Climate Mobilization ideas in the public sphere, we have successfully influenced other organizations and movement leaders to adopt aggressive timelines and benchmarks that are in line with the urgency of the crisis.
Our organizers successfully intervened in the 2016 Democratic primary elections, bringing WWII-scale Climate Mobilization into the discussion by successfully lobbying presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to embrace the idea. In July 2016, the need for WWII-scale mobilization was adopted into the Democratic Party Platform thanks to our advisor and ally Russell Greene who was appointed to the platform committee by Bernie Sanders.
And (
Mobilization is an emergency restructuring of a modern industrial economy, accomplished at rapid speed. It involves the vast majority of citizens, the utilization of a very high proportion of available resources, and impacts all areas of society. It is nothing less than a government-coordinated social and industrial revolution.
Climate Mobilization Project (CMP) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to growing a movement of people calling for a truth-based response to climate change that matches the scope, scale, and speed of the emergency.
The Climate Mobilization (TCM) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit and a sister organization of Climate Mobilization Project. The Climate Mobilization supports the mission of Climate Mobilization Project through direct lobbying and political work.
Are the founders and directors physicists or climatologist. No, these people who want to teach us about "climate change" have a PhD in clinical psychology, a a BA in social anthropology and a newspaper reporter.

So this isn't about the climate, it's about changing society and people!

I learned about this from German video blogger Oliver Janich who reported his digs in his latest video: (German)
I think this organization is worth a closer look.
This organization seems to be the root cause for the increasing panic mode spread since some years.

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – A Decade of Social Manipulation for the Corporate Capture of Nature
is a very a comprehensive article about the Thunberg project. Under the first picture they wrote:
...Of course, the key pivotal moment for the exploitation of Thunberg (and the very purpose of her global construct) came at the moment she spoke her much-publicized words “Our house is on fire. I’m here to say, our house is on fire.” These words echoed the outlined text in the strategy paper entitled, “Leading the Public Into Emergency Mode” almost verbatim. The strategy, authored by the Climate Mobilization Project, outlines a “wartime-style mobilization, akin to the American home front effort during World War II”.

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