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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Oroville Dam -- When Hussein Gets Indicted, They Will Blow This Dam As the Ultimate FU and FF

stock here.   After spending a few hours, on the Oroville, it occurred to me that these dams are being managed as poorly and as greedily as old Nuclear Plants.   Indeed, many of these dams were built in the 1960's along with nuclear power.

I have stayed away from "playing dam", just like at Fukushima I stayed away from "playing cam" although there were many "greats" that spent hours watching and doing video captures, that allowed others the ability to further hypothesis of what was really going in.

In particular, from the Fukushima Cam Watchers, after nearby EQ, massive amounts of steam would be seen rising from the ground, proving that there was underground corium, and as it "shaked and baked" (TM), caused new criticalities and huge releases of energy (and radiation).

Another document submitted by miss frill

But DAM IT Jim, I just have to weigh in on Oroville and the related cast of characters.

 miss frill at Flying Cuttlefish has often covered Oroville and other dams.

And the source of their recent article, however, FC does MUCH original material, including EQ and Vulcanism research which is one of my top specialties also, I like to do more in the way of prediction than reporting.

You may have to switch to YouTube to watch this video, it has current conditions, as well as historical knowledge, kind of like the "Making of Fukushima" in which the brutally obvious mistakes are laid bare.


  1. art tip - starting at P. 101 is all the good stuff as far as spillway photos go-
    Root Causes report

    You just do a screen grab to do an illustration for an article....

    1. Nice, I mean....not nice...these people are stupid. At least it's not nuclear! the deaths will only last weeks.....


  2. Over on Susan Wolding live stream comments they are talking about this document
    ... and what's on page 43.
    I added the link to my recent post, Other Damning Report on the Damn Dam at Oroville ...

    1. That is one Damming document!
      Guittierez better verify he had personal liability insurance, what a twit. How does crap go to the top?

      I guess they hired him to cover up the past crimes of the prior administration


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