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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Pictures from Fukushima, November 2018

This is a nice "slice of life" view of a reporters tour through Fukushima.  

It is amazing how ram-shackle most things look.    That part seems odd to me.


  1. this is plain nuts -
    Could it really be true that the new Oregon Republican Party Chairman by the name of Art Robinson, wants to sprinkle toxic, heavy metal radioactive poisonous waste from airplanes on top of US cities and towns?

    1. Awesome, although Doc is a lefty, we can still work together to fight the obvious problems, he quotes one of my earliest works.....

      Nuke Professional talks about how much of the 'figuring' about 'natural' background radiation is actually a lie.. He provides a very simple, easy to read pie graph and explains how this lie works..


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