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Friday, May 31, 2019

SF Ocean Life Dying, 2000 Sharks Dead, Other Species -- Befuddled

stock here, towards the end is from 2017, need an update.
2019 update.....
Food chain still challenged.   It takes 30 years minimal to rebuild the Krill and Phytoplankton stocks that were decimated by the Fukushima radiation spread throughout the north Pacific.
These are some gorgeous animals, too bad we have tossed so many "Gross Insults" at the ocean

Here is the Chitin Hypothesis for how that happens, and there is so much more on this site if you
search for it.

Domoic acid is also partly responsible, and causes neurological problem similar to what they are ascribing to brain amoebas (found in some of the samples of dead sharks).


"This year is unusual in that there has been a large number of other species that have also been dying," said Dr. Mark Okihiro, a research scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. "This pathogen can tackle a variety of different species ... we've had a much more diverse group of fish that have been found dead in the San Francisco Bay."

At least 500 bat rays, hundreds of striped bass, 50 smooth-hound sharks and about 100 halibut died in the bay between February and July, according to Okihiro's estimates

Sharks are not naturally buoyant. Unless they are actively swimming, their bodies sink. As a result, infected sharks that die in deep water may never actually wash up on shore.

Bay Area death toll likely more grim

"I think it's almost certain that the number of sharks that have died are much higher," said Dr. Andrew Nosal, a marine biologist at UC San Diego and a top expert on leopard sharks, the main species that has washed up dead in the bay. "We have to find out what's killing these sharks."  


  1. People have to stop throwing pesticides, plastics, oil etc in the ocean. Fukushima scaremongers can hypothesize til the cows come home. They never consider many more deleterious confounders.

    1. Good comment, we need more of all of the above pre-cautionary steps. however, plastics and pesticides have not caused what we are seeing is mass starvation and sickness due to weakness from poor food supply.

      My hypothesis is that if you wipe out 80% of the food chain (on the lower end) Krill and Phytoplankton, that it will take 30 years to "rebuild" from scratch.

      The recovery from the 50s and 60s wipe out of the Pacific food chain took around that much time.

      If there is another tsunami to hit Japan, and the millions of tons of waste and radiation products are taken into the ocean, then it can take 100 years....effectively killing that ocean that covers pretty much half the planet, for 3 generations.

      stock out


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