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Monday, May 6, 2019

Strategy for an Optimal Forward Progress -- Autists To Combine Forces

stock here: the writeup below was seen on the web at VOAT.   Please drop your own comments here, especially if you have any strategy based ideas.  

 One strategy, is that there are those who depend on your dependence.   In every way that you can make yourself less dependent, you reduce their control, and at some point, their perception of the control or influence that they think they have.

VOAT is like Zerohedge, but 90% of the trolls and idiots are not present.    Probably a bunch of the "really smart" also read Zerohedge, but they don't put much time into participating in comments because of all the 'bitchez!'

His point (I'll assume it's a guy) is that there needs to be a strategy.   Overall and individually.   

Think about the reality of where we have been.    The super evil who want nothing but the worst for the USA had infilitrated the government, our media, our entertainment, our children's schools, and our "highest education".     Most are still there.     If we cut off the heads, some of the underlying orcs will see  the light or at least switch back to being real humans.

We don't just "arrest Hillary" and suddenly everything is fixed.    People want low strategy vengeance, and that will not complete as optimal.  

One thing we should look at, specifically, what is NOT in the Mueller report.   What are incredibly important facts that have not been glossed over, but have been left out completely.

There-in lies some nuggets, and some possible red-pilling material.     


Not all messages(from Q) are meant for the Anons.

I'm sick to death of reading countless fucking retarded arguments about how things are not moving fast enough, about the lack of suicides or arrests, the lack of coverage. I can't explain to you how fucking stupid you sound. Because you won't listen, you'll take it personally, as an insult, instead of seeing it for what it is. Me trying to shake your cobwebs loose so you pay fucking attention. Of course the coverage is fucking negative you idiot, the MSM is part of the Enemy, why would they ever announce victories for your side? Have you not been paying fucking attention?

As for the Jewish Question, before you have any right to comment on it in any way shape or form you have to first know that there are two classes of Human in Jewish Holy Books, much like in the Islamic holy texts. There are Jews and Non-Jews, or Gentiles. Jews view themselves as the Superior race, because they were the ones who were directly contacted by an ET species after the flood ~12,500 years ago wiped out most of humanity.

They were given cleansing rituals so as to ensure their survival. They were no more special than Light Yagami.(Light Yagami found a notebook, in which any name that was written, that person would die. When he confronts the God of Death that held the book on it, he asks "Why was I chosen for this?" "Chosen? Don't be so vain. I didn't choose you, I just dropped it somewhere around here and you just happened to pick it up."

That's more or less how the Jews were thought of by this other species. They viewed it as a necessary action, to give Mankind a chance at rebuilding post flood.) Those who doubt the flood, study up on the Younger Dryas period and get back to me. Also look at the incredible amounts of Evidence to support a massive flooding of the Earth. Geological photographs are everywhere.

So the Jews think themselves special. Not all Jews are Supremacist, but, all Jews will benefit if the Talmudics get their way. That isn't an Anti-Semitic thought my friend; that's Reality. Thus in a not so subtle way, yes, its' technically all Jews who don't call out the Talmud or Talmudic Jews So again the Ethno Nationalists are half right. Give them their due, you owe it to not only you, but all of mankind, to study up on this. If I'm wrong, it's easily provable. If I'm right, then we have a problem.

Regarding sporadic posting, you're in a War my friend, this isn't a game. This isn't something where Q can just drop in and shoot the shit, Trump has been warning about unleashing the Kraken(Declas) soon. If you're the Deep State, you have to take that threat seriously no matter how it's laid out. Especially with the growing media support for the fact that there was an attempted coup. If you can't see the smoke coming over the mountainside showing the burning down of the Old Guard at this point, then you're too blind to be of much use and of course you're going to just lash out and be angry. Doesn't help anyone.
Muh Arrests or GTFO crowd. Suck a fucking lemon you short sighted mongols. You live in a massive death trap called a Nation. Do you have any fucking idea how many Dead Man Switches there are that could kill Millions of your fellow Americans(Possibly even yourself included) if they aren't dealt with properly? You obviously don't, because if you did you'd recognize the need for Strategy over Shock and Awe.

You have no fucking clue how fucked the Nation was from the inside out. No fucking clue how far the tendrils of the secret societies go, they are imbedded in every town, every city, everywhere. Just think of all the bridges they could blow, how is food going to make it across the massive size of the US to keep y'all fed? How you gonna keep the infrastructure going(That was built during war times, not war that they openly declared mind you, but a silent war on the part of Government and secret societies against You, The People.) when they pop open their bridges and such?


Meaning we can't fuck this up. Any of you fucking "Arrests or GTFO" crowd comes in carry nothing but empty hearted excuses and raw anger in an attempt to get an emotional rise out of you. They have no argument and no fucking understanding for what their road would lead us down too. They are the worst kinds of anarchists.

Lastly; Those of you who cannot grasp the severity of what is going on have no fucking business commenting on it. You look like retards and clog up the fucking comms. Fuck off. Or don't, like I give a fuck, its your time to waste.

Edit: Since this blew up, I figured I'd add a few.

Nihilism is NEVER the answer. It gets you nowhere. This "Doomsday" crowd bullshit is another way of demoralizing you. The enemy knows Mankind suffers from incredible amnesia and they are purposely weaponizing the airwaves to make it worse.

Why do you think you've forgotten all the victories we've had until now?(Because (((They))) keep pushing the idea that there have been no arrests and so it's all a game.

The enemy would NEVER be so stupid as to Unify the Autists.  Q keeps telling you we're stronger together for a reason. Don't give into the fucking Doomsday crowd. We're winning, soon enough even those who are blind will be able to see.

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