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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Summary of Attack Approaches to Weakening Western Civilization

Good questions my friend. Very political because this is about #WhiteGenocide being perpetrated by the Jews. Don't believe me? How about this evidence?

For those that have seen this pasta before, please ignore.

For those who haven't, read up. It's real.

What is #WhiteGenocide?

Why do they want Whites gone? It goes back a long long way. The term genocide was coined, ironically, by a Jew named Raphael Lemkin in the 1940s. He was the founder of the Genocide Convention.
This legitimized The Great Replacement under the guise of fixing a declining white European population
However, the replacement plan has been much longer in the making in the Kalergi Plan.
You can see how it's utterly changed the demographics of Europe and the U.S. What lead to the decline in birth rates and set the stage for the immigration Trojan horse? That plan has been long in the making too. A 1969 paper written by Planned Parenthood VP Jaffe outlined their strategy.
Encourage increased homosexuality
Compulsory schooling that destroys creativity, intelligence, and rewards obedience.
Decrease the average family size so we are no longer replacing ourselves.
Change the immigration laws designed and intended by the founding fathers so that only Europeans can immigrate... Import exclusively non European races that reproduce much faster and are a much greater burden on society (i.e. the white tax payer)
They destroy our families
They distract and weaken our men
They turn our women into degenerate, childless whores
They permanently Maim and kill our children
They constantly push propaganda that demoralizes and instills guilt and shame in our people
They push for multiculturalism and race mixing in white countries only. Diversity is a Trojan horse designed to destroy us from within.
The media, in all its forms, is their greatest weapon. It is so powerful, it has convinced us to hate our own people.
They systematically destroy the institutions our society was built upon
The summary
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Completely agree friend. Thanks for keeping all this info handy! The point of my questions were to get others to ask themselves those questions too, and look at our movement from a different perspective, rather than the "these people are evil bigots" that they have been conditioned to think. I believe ours is a mission of love.

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