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Thursday, June 20, 2019

And So It Begins, Not Just Arrests, But Convictions and Jail Time - NXIVM and Dem Senate Aide

 stock here....

1) Prison for trying to interfere with confirmation of Supreme Court Kavanaugh, 4 years.

Blasey Ford was also lying through her teeth, no doubt that she was in some ways damaged from something.   But her whole act was forced and not convincing. 

2)   NXIVM Keith Raniere found guilty of sex trafficking and 6 other crimes.

Lauren Salzman pleaded guilty to "Racketeering" March 29 2019

I just see arrogance on this face.   Self righteous "moral high ground".    With the insanity of the "left" he really put Republicans lives at risk, also intimidated some of them to "keep their mouth shut".     

He got 4 years in jail.   Did he decide to do this all on his own?   Or was he directed by someone higher up, I think that is likely.    Did he implicate anyone else?   Probably would be interesting to see money flows to his family in the next few years.    

He had an accomplice, who gave him a key and covered his tracks by wiping off finger prints.  

She is also being prosecuted.   

  • A former Democratic aide was sentenced to four years in prison for what prosecutors called “the largest data breach in Senate history.” Prosecutors said a stiff sentence was also imperative to “deter cyber crimes against the U.S. government.”
  • Jackson Cosko stole data and used it to publish the addresses and phone numbers of Senate Republicans to intimidate them for supporting Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Judge Thomas Hogan said that Cosko must face punishment lest people think strong political beliefs justified criminal attacks on sitting lawmakers, citing the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise. 
  • A second former aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan was charged with computer fraud and evidence tampering on Wednesday for allegedly acting as an accomplice.

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