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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Brilliant Analysis McCabe and Gang Guilty, Rosenstein Shows Up After The Fact, And Resigns So He Can Testify

stock here:   This is a rolled up thread from Brian Kates, excellent analysis.

McCabe tried to pretend that Rosenstein is responsible for all the spygate stuff, even though he didn't show up until  April 2017.    Weak Weak Lies, from a weak minded man.

The only source for McCabe's accusations is , McCabe himself. Someone who has lied repeatedly , was FIRED for Lying and has a Grand Jury Investigation into his activities.

It confuses me why FBI Wray is still in power.    His handling of the Fake Bomb Incident made it very clear that he was not to be trusted.

Is there ANY other source for these "It was all Rosenstein's idea!" claims that RR alone came up with this novel approach to bugging the President & then using the 25th Amendment to throw him out of office?

Just asking because it sounds like MCCABE is the *only* source for this
Rosenstein is a highly intelligent, disciplined, calculating federal prosecutor.

McCabe is a 100% political creature, a flunky elevated to his former position at the FBI under Comey precisely for that reason.
Based on what I know about the backgrounds of these two men, when I'm asked "Which of these two is *far more likely* to have come up with this stupid 'Let's use the 25th to throw Trump out of office!' idea?" I look right at McCabe, not Rosenstein.
Only someone 'locked in' to an already desperate casting about for a solution to *save themselves* would be desperate enough to look at the 25th Amendment and go "Eureka! There's the answer!"

The 25th clearly says a President who is physically or mentally incapacitated.
When it comes to a President who makes *morally* bad decisions, which is what McCabe is claiming, that's not what the 25th Amendment is for. That's what impeachment by the Congress is for.

Only a moron would grasp at the 25th as any kind of strategy against Trump.
I've watched McCabe and Rosenstein in interviews. Only a political flunky who got in way over his head and is absolutely terrified he and his buddies are about to be exposed by a new Presidential administration would resort to this kind of stupid gambit.
McCabe and his fellow SpyGate plotters had spent MONTHS plotting, planning how to prevent Trump from winning the election, then after Nov 2016 they spent the entire transition period plotting how to get Trump tossed out of office as fast as possible.
Rosenstein was a working US attorney pursuing corrupt gov't officials until he went after an Obama flunky in Gen. James Cartwright. Rosenstein was supposed to just go thru the motions then no bill the guy.

Instead, with no help from Obama/Holder, Rosenstein CONVICTED him.
You know what Obama did then? He flushed all of Rosenstein's hard work down the toilet and pardoned Cartwright. 3 years of hard work - FLOOSH!

When was Rosenstein elevated by Trump from US Attorney to become the new Deputy Attorney General?

I have the date right here!
FEBRUARY 1, 2017. Like, one of the *first things* Trump did on assuming office was put this hand picked guy into place as his new DAG.
Rosenstein wasn't even AROUND hanging out with those FBI guys, helping them get Crossfire Hurricane off the ground, doing all that illegal unmasking of Trump team comms using the FBI/NSA comms databases, or all the 'insurance policy' plotting the SpyGate plotters did.
Too many talking heads out there can't even follow a simple f**king timeline.

Rosenstein a key SpyGate plotter? Really? When he wasn't even THERE dealing with these people until Feb 2017?

Learn to follow a timeline, it will help.
For all the time the SpyGate plotters were doing all their pre-election and then post-election SpyGate plotting right up to Feb. 1, 2017, where the hell was Rod Rosenstein during all of that?

In his office doing his job as US Attorney for the Maryland District.
Are you starting to get the picture here? This narrative that Rosenstein LEAPED into his new job and instantly sussed out the SpyGate plot and LOVED what he was seeing and eagerly JOINED THESE MORONS in trying to remove Trump from office is the stupidest goddamn narrative ever.
RR in April 2017: "Wow, wait do I have this right? You guyz have been plotting since 2015 to keep Trump from winning the election by doing all this illegal spying based on crap you were being feed by Fusion GPS being paid for by Hillary Clinton? And Trump won anyway?"
"And now you're getting together an 'insurance policy' to try to remove Trump from office based on this same 'evidence' I'm looking at here? Wow you guys are awesome! I wanna join your club! You guys are smart, you're going places! Where do I sign up!"
Oh *SURE* he did. He took one look at the massive clusterf**k that we now know as 'SpyGate' and said "Yeah I definitely wanna hitch my wagon to these guys!"
LOL Hannity's on TV right now totally believing everything McCabe said about Rosenstein being a key SpyGate plotter. Too funny.
Rosenstein didn't even GET THERE until April 25, 2017. It took him at least a few days to get 'read in' to the environment, so we'd be into May before RR was settled in at the DOJ and beginning to understand what he'd gotten himself into.

Hey...did anything happen in May?
Hannity right now implying Barr needs to investigate Rosenstein and send him to prison.

This is why I don't watch much TV.
RR didn't find himself in the middle of the SpyGate plot until very late April/early May 2017.

He came aboard JUST IN TIME to write that letter urging President Trump to fire James Comey. [the same letter McCabe insists DJT told RR to put "Russia" into but he didn't put it]
Far from being a key SpyGate plotter fully read into what was going on, let me tell you what really happened: Trump found a guy who he briefed who went in there KNOWING in advance all kinds of shady spying shit was being done by these SpyGate plotters.
Why does everybody forget this? Trump came into office in Feb. 2017 already *knowing* the FBI/CIA, fed. LEO/IC agencies had been spying on him.

Knowing this, some sell a narrative he then blew the 2 most important nominations he had to make at the DOJ: AG and DAG.
Rosenstein had from Feb. to April 2017 to get read in to what had been going on with all this illegal spying & FISA and Steele dossier shenanigans.
Trump and his people had 2 main strategies to go with:

Blow it all up NOW in 2017 and screw making your case to the public, letting the Left have forever it's "Trump won cuz the Russians helped him cheat!" narrative.


Take your time and do it right.
They opted not to blow it all up now in 2017. You may not think it's important, but TRUMP DOES to kill the Trump/Russia collusion narrative dead before moving to the next step. He will not allow any room for the Left to have it's T/R C fantasy to delegitimize his Presidency.
To all the people who can't read a press release tweeting me RR has just been 'fired':

It was announced WEEKS AGO he'd be leaving the DOJ, resigning his post & making way for the new AG's handpicked DAG.

This is so he can TESTIFY AT THE TRIALS.

So when McCabe suddenly tries to sell this fun narrative to the public: The Nefarious Rod Rosenstein, the *REAL COUP PLOTTER* while McCabe paints himself & Comey & others as just hard workin' public servants tryin' ta do a honest, by-the-book investigation of the President....
Do you not have a bullshit detector that works? Did it not go off?

The guy who didn't get there until late April/early May 2017 was the REAL bad guy? It's all HIM, you say? 🤔
BUT the guy telling you all this, the guy who was THERE, present at the Creation of all the illegal unmasking in 2015, there for the launch of Crossfire Hurricane in July 2016, there for Fusion GPS/Steele dossier/FISA court shenanigan in Oct 2016, he's just a f**king bystander!
"I didn't contribute much to the conversation" McCabe whined desperately to Scott Pelly, relating how a bug-eyed RR had suddenly burst into his office babbling about bugging the President before launching into a riff about using the 25th Amendment to get Trump out of office.
Instead of looking for convoluted theories to explain why Trump just won't fire The Nefarious Rod Rosenstein, why Rosenstein has been allowed to stay in that job until he was good & ready to leave it next month, how about study the actual time line of events?
Trump says he has a good relationship with Rod Rosenstein because...

are you sitting down? Can you handle the brutal truth?

1 of the people who is about to be indicted once the new AG gets settled in is desperately trying to impeach a person who's going to be a key witness against him. McCabe's trying to make Rosenstein look like the key player in the coup plot while insisting he did nothing wrong.
Far from being a key player in the SpyGate plot, Rosenstein was the guy who was brought in to expose it & toss all the plotters out of the DOJ/FBI, one way or another. If they wanted to quietly resign and leave, great. If not, they got what McCabe and Strzok got.
As the same time he's tossing these SpyGate plotters out, Rosenstein has to simultaneously keep a lid on the active investigations into these plotters, while also overseeing the Mueller SC probe.

Guy's had a lot on his plate.
I keep saying when all this is over, Rosenstein is going to deserve a medal.

People think I'm being sarcastic.

I'm not.

It was BIG NEWS way way back when on....[checks card] the 9th of January, 2019 that Rod Rosenstein would step down from his job as DAG when Mueller's investigation was over and also so new incoming AG Bill Barr could have his own hand-picked DAG.


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