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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Covert War Against Treason & Globalist Pedophilie Bribery System

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    Collection of Articles by Alan Fountain RE: Covert War Against Treason & Globalist Pedophilie Bribery System! Q

    My Top Nine Articles related to The Geopolitics Of Molestation & The Deep State Sponsored Enabling of the Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking Pandemic. (I had to become a Writer at age 50 to Survive the Deep State Attacks by Lobbyist Paid Handlers.)
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    Advocate Bio with all Social Media and PSA Campaign Links:

     I hope you learn and elevate your consciousness while I validate the reasons why I support the Trump Administration for their verified policies that halted the many torturous crimes that were being executed against me during the Obama Administration for exposing Pedophile Rings in Georgia. All Administrations after Reagan and before Trump was responsible for Gross Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions to American Citizens while neglecting the welfare of kids against the pandemic of the sexual predator crimes to minors by molestation and sex trafficking. 

    I have dedicated the last 5 years to work Full time as a Volunteer advocate/activist challenging Weak Laws Legislation while bringing awareness about these horrific crimes to minors and the Public officials who work in our Government that are both Enablers and sometimes Perpetrators.   Advocates like myself who don’t join and adapt to Deep State Cabal Policies are kept from opportunities that can allow them to excel financially to prevent a platform of resources that could support exposing the system.  Please support your alternative media sources when possible.  Bio Profile Highlighting The Advocacy Journey:



    Public Service Announcement with National Campaign by 

    Please Support My Petition Campaign Here to Assist My Journey to Advance My Advocacy Mission protecting kids and Expanding Survivor Rights as I seek an Opportunity for placement on an Advisory Board or Think Tank in the Trump Administration.  Thank you, God Bless All,  Alan Fountain:


    My Top Nine Articles related to The Geopolitics Of Molestation The Deep State Sponsored Enabling of the Pedophilia and Sex Trafficking Pandemic.  (I had to become a Writer at age 50 to Survive the Deep State Attacks Orchestrated by Paid Handlers as I learned the MSM was Fake and No One Was Going To Come to My Rescue or Tell My Story.)

    1. Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics?

    An Over 25-page Article that has been read in over 110 Countries by over 50,000 readers in just the USA alone. The Covert Military Operation Going On Behind the Scenes in The Trump Administration that Is The First in the History of the USA to Support Non-Cabal Advocates authentically, Survivors of both Sex Trafficking Youth Molestation. This is a Full Fledge Swamp Draining that is a “Trump Tzu” Military Campaign that has engaged a Citizen Digital Army of Citizen Journalist to Expose Persons Guilty of Serious Human Rights Abuses and Corruptions along with Treason, Sedition Charges, and violators of the Smith Act by Corrupt Politicians and Globalist Corporate CEOs for actively participating in a Campaign to Launch the ONe World Government Political system.

    Excerpt from below Article:
    “The horrible night of Torture by Atlanta, GA Cops and a Grady Ambulance Crew who acted out the above events listed in the BAD DEEDS hyperlink. Click on the photo of Clayton Baggett’s photo that describes the events of 4/9/2015 that happened to me less than 4 months after reporting Pedophile crimes and Corruption directly at the offices of the Atlanta FBI to the GA Northern region of the DOJ in 2014 that was headed by Sally Yates.
    Oddly these are similar agencies alleged by Trump to possibly have gone rogue in his scenario. Also, I was harassed and psychologically tortured by CIA style “No Touch Torture Techniques” which are covert methods that don’t leave scars and will prevent the target from having physical evidence allowing for claims to likely be discredited and the targets claims dismissed due to a public admission of having sought clinical therapy in the past.
    They had hoped I could be diagnosed with a paranoid personality disorder after covert torture to discredit my reputation for recounting my experiences. They incentivized my physician to record this unsubstantiated diagnosis in my medical records before his being promoted to an affluent position with an agency in a Prominent Oligarch/Cabal community in the California Desert. These covert type methods are being exposed routinely by reputable journalist and analyst outside of the elite monopoly owned and controlled MSM. ”






    2. Q-ANON and The Killing of the Deep State Khazarian Pedophile Mafia. 

    Published on American Digital News:  Server malfunction so go to duplicate article on LinkedIn in below LINK: 
    For those that are not aware of what is going on across the globe and originating from the current administration; there is an international war going on behind the scenes to destroy the Deep State Pedophile Sex Trafficking Cabal /Cartels and the related crimes so freely allowed in past administrations. Written by Alan Fountain





    Reroute Link to this Article  on GF4JUSTICE:
    Published on American Digital News:
    This deep-state pedophile cabal became a threat to our democracy and the Sovereign Republic of America. It is responsible for establishing a prior political system based on Blackmail, Bribes, and/or Pay for Play Incentives, mostly by using pedophilia or some form of satanic ritual participation to hold over the heads of those seeking political office or to be a part of the oligarch business power complex.  Written by Alan Fountain




    4. What Does a DC Political Swamp Draining Look Like?

    Published on 





    5. Qanon and the Killing of the Deep State Pedophile Khazarian Mafia.

    Published on

    LINK TO ARTICLE:…/qanon-killing-deep-state-pedoph…/ 



    How Can Q-anon Save America? Is the Game Rigged? Do Molestation, Rape, and Pedophilia Feed the Deep State Monster as a Bribery/IncentivesCurrency? 

    Published on

    LINK TO ARTICLE:…/how-can-q-anon-save-america-gam…/

    35849110_10215121941316007_1909564145091477504_n (1)


    7. Three Thousand CEO’s Step Down During Trump Administration for What Reason? Could it Be Connected to QANON Exposing Ties to Crimes Against Humanity?

    Published on…/three-thousand-ceos-step-down-d…/  

    GO HERE FOR THE MAP OF LATEST 5,100  RECENTLY UPDATED FROM THE 3000 CORPORATE LEADERS FORCED TO STEP DOWN: Be sure to look at all the references at top of the map. In the PLAYERS section, it has persons separated by Patriots or Traitor Pawns. There is a Complete list of Indictments by Jurisdiction:




    Link to Below Article
    Excerpt:   These are two links to Independent articles on the Now Sinister Senior Executive Services, SES. The sinister systems of the past have worked due to many covert shill divisions, although one extremely sinister civil service branch that is known as the SES, Senior Executive Services, which are 8,500 highly paid foot soldiers empowered and working covertly for the Deep State Pedophile Cabal masked under civil servant type positions around the USA and some around Globe. My new volunteer background elevated to working as an advocate and investigative journalist researching public policy and the failed legislation in GA responsible for creating a fake law called The Hidden Predator Act of GA.


    Link to the Below Article:
    Excerpt:   FAKE NEWS CIA Collaborations!
    Now let us get to the creation of the mainstream media and how it gravitated to Globalist ownership aligned with the Deep State Union orchestrated through the Bilderberg Group and Secret Societies.
    The Trump Administration is executing “TRUMP TZU” Warfare to Kill the Deep State System of the Past is why the media is Biased and hate him. He has devised a path that will return America back to the People completing the Mission Statement of JFK who was murdered for exposing the same criminal Cabal that Trump vowed to assist our Military complete this honorable task for both he and John Kennedy both Love Loved America as the Sovereign Republic and rejected the One World Order that the former CIA Director George Herbert Bush conned the citizens of the USA to think was in their best interest. NOT SO!
                                                                                – af – 
    Link To PayPal:

    Please Support My Petition Campaign Here to elevate My Journey to Advance My Professional Reach protecting kids and advancing survivor rights. I prefer to work for an income rather than seek donations: Thank you, God Bless ALL, Alan Fountain:

    LINK TO ARTICLE On Authors Website:

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