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Monday, June 3, 2019

Dangers From Chemicals You Put On Your Skin

stock here -- We have always assumed, in USA at least, that any consumer products have been really tested and "safe".    But that is far from the truth.

I am making a special effort to grow even more of my own food this year.    The cold wet spring is causing 30% of midwest type Farmers to not even plant, and just take whatever insurance money they can get.    This will, in a way, mitigate damages that could result from tariffs, if you need to find a bright side. 

But I predict food prices up 20% by fall.    A friend who operates the loader at where I get my 3 year old compost, was pondering not even doing a garden this year, because his land is still too wet to work, and the ground temp hasn't even reached 55F.   I encouraged him to do it anyway.

Besides food and water, what goes into our bodies, what we put on our skin can also "get in".  

So I hope this is a useful summary, I only have time for a few links.  

Chemicals in the Shower, What to AVOID
Beware of These Chemicals

There are toxins you want to avoid in your soaps, shampoos and other personal care products - antibiotics. When antibacterial dish, body and laundry soaps emerged in the 2000s, they were sold as "new and improved" products to get you "better than clean."

However the products, still widely sold, do not get you cleaner than soap and water but do expose you to the endocrine-disrupting effects of antibiotics like triclosan, found in popular dish detergents and toothpastes.

10 sources of endocrine disruptors, one effect if thyroid cancer.

Suntanning?    Read the label, and avoid these in sunscreeen

1) Retinyl Palmitate
2) Retinol
3) Vitamin A
4) Oxybenzone

Stuff that is not harmful

1) Zinc Oxide
2) Titanium Dioxide
2) Avobenzone (this one is wketchy though, too.   3% is the max recommended.)
3) Mexoryl SX

Here is one source of sunscreen recommendations.   And ratings of some "safe one".
In this video I explain how epsom salts baths can be utilized as a cheap, readily available tool to enhance detoxification and provide the body with a rich source of inorganic sulfate. This can be especially effective when used in conjunction with specific binding agents such as activated charcoal or bentonite clay.

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