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Monday, June 24, 2019

Defund and Depower Big Evil Tech -- Time Is Running Fast -- Use Alternatives

stock here.   The face and voice of Evil

I did a Wayback machine capture of her Twitter account just now

On this article I had captured 5 photos from her Faccebook, there were like 80.   I meant to go get them, but she had already deleted or hid everything.

Someone did a Wayback capture of her Facebook, today, but it didn't "work"

A snowflake girl from California, a total Social Justice Warrior, hands down.

Her name was Jen McDonnell for those who want to further research this "spook", as the head of Google AI, I am amazed that her Facebook page is still up.

Maybe she is out hiking somewhereNow she is Jen Gennai, married to Paul Gennai in 2015.

And he is one ugly bird too....who else would want this snowflake,

I mean she is kind of pretty....BUT the flake part would be impossible to deal with.

We need to defund, depower these evils that be.

It is funny how the most biased, rail against what they think is others bias.

Those who are the most brainwashed, the least woke, think they are the woke ones.

I am sure you saw my article and Project Veritas exposing Google as being fully OK with and fully intending to break the law and throw the 2020 Elections to the Socialists.

Epic Browser (

and Yippy Search Engine ( are great, too. Especially Yippy. It seems to be uncensored and NOT based on Google search results.

Gibiru Search Engine ( seems good, too.

Use bitchute, instead of YouTube, what you find of value on YouTube, convert it to bitchute before YouTube censors it.

Article "The Jen" wrote

Alternatives to evil Google's YouTube:


Vimeo ---- NOTE Vimeo is now at best controlled opposition.   After Project Veritas totally outed
Google as a tool of the Globalists / Socialists.....of course, YouTube censored them, but when Vimeo followed suit, well, its time to defund and boycott them also.


Is this her "work" she did go to college in Dublin

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