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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Earthquake Alert -- Predicting 7.0 Plus South Of Honshu Japan -- Never Seen This Few EQ in 24H EVER!

------update, after the warning was put out, a sizable EQ, occurred south of Japan, but the main thing
is that it was VERY deep.     Alert Continues.

After seeing an amazingly low 15 EQ over 2.5M in 24H yesterday (See lower chart), another low day showing 23. But look at the whole south west zone. ZERO EQ, portending a large EQ or swarm, of 6's and 5's and maybe even a 7.

I am calling for a 6.6 plus, south of Japan, and maybe a swarm of good sized quake, say over 5.0 in that area, along with Vulcanism.

FOR FUN --- Added a Hawaii Volcano flyover, awesome video!!!!   At bottom, submitted by miss frill (she is soooo mad)



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    1. I have been banned from ALL of my twitter accounts

      Jack needs a real talking to, or find some child porn on his computer.


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