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Friday, June 7, 2019

Entire West and South Ring of Fire -- ZERO Earthquakes in 24 H -- This NEVER happens!

stock here.

I am continuing my, what I thought may have been a "chicken little" call for a 7+ EQ, and I continue to point "South of Honshu" the main island of Japan.

This fluffy piece on Daily Sheeple claims

California And Nevada Have Been Hit By 240 Earthquakes Over The Last 24 Hours

Without so much as mentioning the minimum Mag that goes into that stat. 

It also fails to point out that 4 of the EQ were at negative depth. 

3 of these at Mammoth Mountain, indicating Vulcanism

It hasn't erupted in 700 years.

Also note the nearby Nuclear Bomb tests as late as 1986 from my inspection.

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