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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Godzilla -- King of the Climate Skeptics -- A Review

LOL The Reptilians Against the Great Spirit
I saw Godzilla last night on the $5 movie night!

It was a great movie, super thirsty after a big salty popcorn, but did not want to waste 4 minutes to go get a beverage, continuous good action packed. LOL a little like Jurassic Park with a family focus, but much more.

They did kind of SJW the thing with dis-proportionate non-whites, but still a great wasn't a "Marvel" iffen you know what I mean.

Let me take you  to the end game, a bit.   The end plot, destruction of all humanity, is to be carried out by an ALIEN huge reptilian to de-populate the earth, and to bind together all the super powers of earth under one evil "Alpha" for ultimate control.

Interestingly enough, the climate change activists in the new movie are the villains, just like in real life.   And just like real life, there is a complete lack of looking at real data, looking at obvious cause and effect, and lack of looking at the reality of real actions to effect the "end goal".   

I don't want to ruin the story line for you, and won't tell you the ending, but here is the basic premise.

A group called "Monarch" <think Rulers, not pollinators> has sequestered all the Titans, the huge monsters of various forms, in different locations around the globe.

Monarch captures the attention of Emma, the Ex-Wife of Monster Training fame.    She has created a device to learn the language of animals, and it could create "Alpha mode" that would calm and de-trigger the Titans.       She is a Social Justice Warrior Climate Warrior, willing to do anything to "Save the Earth" from global warming et al.

They convince Emma that by releasing the Monsters, ONE BY ONE, that with her Alpha device and the help of super monster, Ghidorah, a three headed super beast, currently under deep freeze, that they can control all the monsters and use them to restore the environment.   And that is all the further this Social Justice Monster needs to get hoodwinked into "their plot".

Their plot would result in the extinction of humanity.....I won't tell you anymore.   Don't worry about the planet, at some point Earth will burp us off, and be an awesome place again in a million years. 

So any plan that kills us humans all off, is in my humble opinion, a bit misguided, no?

And in classic, intentionally get it 100% wrong, Forbes thinks there is no message in this Godzilla!!


  1. I was waiting all winter for this movie to come out. But I left after about 6 minutes on opening night because a LOT of the audience whipped out their smart phones and games and tablets and were tacking away like they were in a wi-fi cafe.
    I complained to the manager (not his fault) and got 100% refund. I have left bad movies before, but this is the first time I asked for my money back and got it!
    I will wait for the DVD =sigh= ....
    I cannot stand movie audiences anymore.

    1. It was the first time I saw that happen. A young black guy, maybe 22 sat down next to me. Came late, bumped into my feet passing by although there was plenty of room. Pulled out his phone and had a conversation (quiet, but none the less)that went into the beginning of the movie. I was 1 minute from going to complain to the manager and have HIM thrown out. The as soon as the credits roll at the end...and I like to watch the credits...multiple phones come out, lighting up the area with there pollution light. First time. NWO degradation of society is still right on track.


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