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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

HBO On Chernobyl -- Makes Russia Look Bad -- Pretends More Advanced Places Can "Handle" The Technology

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Writeup below is the excellent activist in the image at Facebook

At what point will Soros and Kochs and the Zionist Owners of Media, all decide that anyone anti-nuclear is anti-planet for failing to "fight carbon" and had entire anti-nuclear websites banned, destroyed, and as I predicted....scrubbed from the internet by them "buying" the Wayback Machine.

 Well that just happened to Natural News.   Which is funny because my morning epiphany was that I was so proud for Natural News to be so effective, knowing that the "Health Ranger" Mike Adams had resources and much help.

Natural News presented some opinions, on their own website, not on Facebook, but Facebook deplatformed them completely because elements of their website didn't fit with the Narartives that Globalist Facebook is pushing.    Wiping out good information to 3 million people.
Natural News Story HERE
Other sources like Vice pimp out the "low carbon" meme, the lie of nuclear.   Our best hope in "the
near term" and just screw the long term....because by using nuclear....there is no long term future for humans.    A little bit of truth with the lies....make the best lies.

From the Wolf!

I decided to give the HBO Chernobyl mini-series a watch.

They go right into it with minimal foreshadowing or character development but just a tad of exposition which mirrors actual history as to how we learned everything. It is not a series for the faint of heart as it is harsh and unflinching about what happened; sadly, many watching this, will miss the reality. 

“Well that was the USSR and not (Enter misplaced national nuclear pride here)…”

What we see is arrogance and ignorance coming together to kill. While they use the political hierarchy, ploys, threats, of the USSR accurately; many will miss the subtleties such as the plant’s owner and designer holding a meeting of the city leaders in a bunker. Basically, the same show plays out with every nuclear disaster; denial and then deny. The situation always ends by finding a scapegoat and charging them with accountability.

One great example of how I KNOW this aspect is not going to change anytime soon is this quote from a Vice article on the Chernobyl mini-series: “Thankfully, experts assure us, Chernobyl was the fault of the Soviet Union, where outright lying was prevalent at the highest levels of leadership. Where authority was abused by a governing elite. Where an independent media was drowned out by propaganda and the willful dissemination of false information. And where scientific research was dismissed or suppressed when it didn’t fit with the needs and wants of the people in charge.

Those who argue Chernobyl will never happen again also fall back on engineering. The reactor was fatally flawed from design onwards, they say. It was based on bad science. What’s more, the Soviet Union had been cooking the books for decades. Quite beyond the human errors in the control room, the plant was in a state of endemic disrepair—no modern nuclear plant would ever be permitted to go the same way under international oversight.”…/could-another-chernobyl-happen-today…

“Experts”? Does campaigning to break apart the very foundation of matter (Without knowing how to put it back together or at least be discerning in its destruction) for a simple byproduct of electricity (And the diabolical desire for plutonium for warheads.) justify fission and qualify as expertise?

The ‘experts’ love to dilute the reality. To them dilution is a solution. Dilution of reality? That would be lying sweetheart. My desire for electricity is not so great that I would risk the contamination of this planet nor is my desire to have the largest nuclear arsenal (The real motive in this propaganda.). America has been waging nuclear war on the planet since the Chicago Pile and every other industrialized nation (That is stupid enough to envy the capability.) is all pining away for their nuclear club jacket.

It’s a fad and if the “experts” bothered to look at the math? They would note fission is a dead-end; both figuratively and literally. Yet humanities hubris makes the argument that biomedical and engineering technology will overcome fission’s terminal equations. It’s a high stakes poker game, with morons, betting your lives, on a bluff hand. “God does not play dice with the universe”; but humanity believes it can bluff its way through this. The nature of the universe and physics is less forgiving than any God in our short time creating stories about them. The physics community has become just as basely fanatical about protecting fission from critique as Islam is about Allah.

I support Faith as a positive structure in society until it becomes fanatical. That fanaticism is a cancer to sense, ethics, and reality as the ‘high priests and priestesses’ become willing to justify the sacrifice of anything in the name of their delusion.

I am not so complacent as to allow someone to risk so much, in my name, for the vanity of electricity, or the retaliatory option of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD); my hypocrisy only goes so far. The hypocrisy (and stupidity) of the nuclear industry exceeds the very basis of life and kills beyond generations, into geological, and universal timescales because: “I will be dead by the time that becomes an issue”; is the mantra of these fanatics.

Clearly and concisely; Humanity, History, all life, and the very fabric of this quadrant of the universe is being sacrificed by the Nuclear Priests and Priestesses, to fear and desire, for an illusion of security. The outcome of tossing virgins to the volcano god makes as much sense as this nuclear suicide.

I keep reading articles about the series, but most are of Vice’s delusion, and ignore the sins of every nuclear nation. Ignore the high and low-level nuclear waste, the vast expense (Subsidized by tax dollars as none of them operate at a profit), the potential for disasters (That do and will occur), and the very irresponsible nature of giving infantile minds nuclear matches to play with.

We have crossed the dilution threshold and all I can offer is buying you a bit more time; the damage is done. “Going for broke?” Just confirms how deeply the fanatics have deluded you.

Boycott the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games!

The life you save might just be your own.

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