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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How Do Wake Up Those Who Have Deluded Themselves Into Being An Easy Victim?

This one thanks to Brian Cates.    I have pondered the important question of

1) What is the end game?

2) What can we do now to improve the results in the end game?

3) What of the Sheeple, who will never admit they were conned about a "strategy" that never had a chance of working?

4) What of the collateral damage?

5) What of the prior zombies, now partly or fully woke, how do we welcome them?   How do we help them past the self resentment of being totally taken advantage of by those they trusted, by those they thought really did hold the high moral ground?

What do you think?


From the moment you first meet Everett, the thing that stands out about him is that he's **very impressed** with his own intelligence, which he constantly flaunts with his use of his extended and loquacious vocabulary.
And yet because he simply cannot accept that he's been tricked by a criminal who has lured him and Delmar into a secluded place to rob them, Everett sits there serenely munching on his corn as he watched Big Dan The Bible Man commence his assault, knocking Delmar down TWICE.
He's sitting there watching in **mild confusion**, munching away as he watches Big Dan arm himself, knock Delmar down twice, then takes a full power baseball swing-for-the-fences strike right to the face from that tree branch.

The 1st time I saw this I almost peed myself.
I have never seen a more perfect and humorous example of a person who has literally blinded themselves to a threat that is right in front of them and is coming for them, but they cannot PROCESS what they are seeing because they have deluded themselves into being an easy victim.

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