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Friday, June 28, 2019

Kamala Harris -- Biden as the Straw Man, Harris as the Chosen Globalist/Socialist To Degrade USA

This seems clear, NOW.

It was always shaky that "they" decided to run a Groper (if not a true Pedophile) Joe Biden.    I thought it was because they wanted to slip in M. Obama as the real chosen one.

She sure plays the "Black Card" and she is not black.    Her father, an Indian from India, live in Jamaica.    Mother from India.    She had sex with west coast politicians, to advance her career and no participants deny this.

How will the top Globalists get total control over her?    Just by giving her the presidency?  Methinks not....they need some control out of the gate....Autists.....what is it!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

Read the articles.   Harris's uncle is an Indian Nuclear specialist (India, that is).   After China has been effectively stealing our hard paid for technology for decades, and recently one ex-high up US gov official pleased guilty t o giving information to China and spying for them.


Kamala Harris is Tamil (India) on her mother’s side, and possibly Tamil or other East Indian on her father’s side. Her father spoke of his white slave-owning ancestor (Harris), and said he didn’t know the ethnicity of the others. Her father has been an advisor for Jamaica. People from India were brought into Jamaica to replace freed slaves and deny the former slaves their rights. 

from article

West Point is just half an hour north up the highway from Brooksville Mississippi where Attorney Antonio Moore’s mother comes from. It’s important for everyone to listen to his almost 13 minute video about Kamala Harris:
Brooksville Mississippi (pop. 1182) is still a world apart from the elite upper upper class anglophone Westmount suburb of Montreal – home to the Bronfman and Molson families – where Kamala Harris grew up with her Asian Indian mother. Her mother worked as a researcher at Montreal’s Jewish Hospital.

Mr. Moore explains that while it’s fine for Kamala Harris to run for President, and be judged on her merits, that it’s wrong for her to try to appropriate the identity of Black American descendants of slaves. Her mother is Asian-Indian. Whether or not her father’s ancestors were slaves is unclear, and Jamaica isn’t the United States. Her father, and mother, were both born…

Kamala’s father was born a British subject (Jamaica), as was her mother (India).  Kamala’s mother may be from a communist family – either pro-Russian, Maoist or both. Her family surname seems to be Gopalan. Plus, India was in the Soviet orbit and her grandfather a diplomat.  A cursory glance of titles of her father’s work, suggests that her father is an upper class third world Marxist, too.

He is professor emeritus Donald Harris at Stanford. They could be well-meaning but they could be Russian agents. Kamala lived in the wealthiest part of Montreal – one of the wealthiest places in the world.

The Bronfmans live there.  It’s called Westmount and is rich English-speaking in a poor French-speaking city. She lived there from age 7 and graduated from high school there. The places where her grandparents lived in India is equally ritzy according to Wikipedia.–Russia_relations#Soviet_Union_and_India

It's also funny that the "winner" of debate day one, 10 of the lower "ranking" was Tulsi Gabbard, a Hindu Female.    I kind of like her.

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