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Monday, June 17, 2019

NWO Multiple "Gains" Through Attack on Masculinity

Are there "There Multiple Gains" to some powers that be, via the attack on Masculinity, the feminization of Males in our society.

Cultural and Chemical Drivers In US, UK, New Zealand, Australia Few can twist a phrase as well as Lot's Wife --- "The operation is so diffuse most people miss it - as water to a fish."
This video explains it pretty well, although I think he could have done it in 6 minutes instead of 28.

  • Toxic Masculinity 
  • Birth rates continue to drop 
  • Males get more depressed with resulting suicides, morbidity 
  • Testosterone levels actually dropping now as we speak 
  • Less likely to feel territorial 
  • Women look to other than male relationships, as they are less attracted to the low T "men" of the future.

--------------------------------   this just in!

Chubby unmuscular men are now being promoted as "more attractive to women".    

Boundless mental health benefits come from learning to love your body and realizing the "pectoral Petes" we see all around us are not realistic portrayals of the modern man.

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