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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Operation Green Run -- FOIA Reveals Totally Intentional Released Highly Dangerous Radiation As a Test

Wow, just found out about this. A curie is a huge unit of radiation

In a three-year period covered by the report, the Hanford iodine-131 emissions totaled 450,000 curies of which 340,000 were released in 1945. The panel had not yet examined releases after 1947 including the December 1949 "Green Run", a deliberate experiment which released thousands of curies of radioactive iodine and other fission products.

(381.3733) WISE Amsterdam - This secret experiment was called Green Run because it involved dissolving fuel that had been cooled only 16 days as compared to the normal 90 days (current practice is at least 180 days). The longer the cooling time, the more the radiation levels (especially iodine-131) would decrease.

NOTE THIS after reading the others.    Wikipedia tries to down play this into one release period of 2 days.

Instead of 450,000 Curies released, they pretend it was just 5500 to 12000 Curies.

And more from the DOE about questionable sometimes uninformed or under-informed testing of radiation in humans.

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