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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sexual Predators Look Out For Each Other, Obstruct A Clear View Of "Like Minded People's" Behavior, Rose and Clinton!

This video does a great job of explaining where we are at.

Seen first at this great website 

And submitted by Lot's Wife.   Charlie Rose was a TV Interviewer, and was later outed as a sexual predator.    But in this 1999 interview, you can see him obviously trying to run cover for and confuse the issue of Bill Clinton as a sexual predator.

Because of Charlie’s sexual harassment of interns and staff, this interview has an added dimension. Questions to Hitchens about his focus on Bill Clinton's shameless exploitation of his sexual partners and the voters deserves to be seen in context with Charlie’s (then unknown) parallel behavior. (Voters = audience) Watching him perform from this resolve gives today’s viewers insight behind his calculating questions and defensive behavior. The last few moments are telling, in my opinion.

And this site summarizes who really controls Amerika

I saw Godzilla last night on the $5 movie night!   It was a great movie, super thirsty after a big salty popcorn, but did not want to waste 4 minutes to go get a beverage, continuous good action packed.   LOL a little like Jurassic Park with a family focus, but much more.   They did kind of SJW the thing with dis-proportionate non-whites, but still a great wasn't a "Marvel" iffen you know what I mean.

But "King of the Monsters"....should really go to.......

One would hope that eventually the Clintons would be exposed.   In fact they have been exposed, but it is not mainstream...... but this was out last year - and crickets...
hillary on the rapist she defended and the actual court document
and then this

NBC news HRC state department squashing pedophilia and sexual misconduct
(oh, now its a 404 not found)

and HRC shut down the pedo investigation when secy of state

I just don't know what it's going to take.

But maybe copy all those and send them anonymously to every news station tomorrow morning at 4AM. kek

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